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May 5, 2008

Way To Financial Freedom

Financial freedom and spring cleaning go hand in hand. Are you up to your ears in bills as well as junk? As you clear out all those unwanted items for spring, realize how much money may have been wasted in trinkets rather than paying off bills and saving. During one of the rainy spring days ahead, take some time to inventory your current financial situation so you can become financially free.

Consider the following questions so you can develop a game plan for the rest of the year that contributes toward your financial freedom and keep your house tidier:

How much money do you earn? Do you have any other sources of income?

What do you spend monthly and what are those expenses or costs?

What are your unavoidable monthly expenses, such as insurance, utilities and housing?

How much are you spending on spur of the moment purchases?

What is the total amount owed on your credit cards?

What is your current credit score and how can you improve it?

When you take inventory of what you have, what you need and how you can make it better, you are on the road to success. After doing inventory, consider whether you are getting a tax refund or owe money this year. If you owe taxes, discuss ways to save with your accountant for next year. If you are getting a tax refund check, find ways to save your money or use it to pay off credit cards rather than spending it vicariously.

With some planning and spring cleaning, you can put financial freedom on your good weather agenda.


  1. guaya pake inggris-inggrisan coy...
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  2. Dul...pake englishnya yang populer kan...nggak susah2 amat tux difahami (klo pake yg grammar banget juga kagak ngerti coy!) :-x
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