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Mar 17, 2011


Living healthy and fit until old age. How can enjoy and live life when the body is not healthy? However, with job pressures and demands of life make it hard and are challenged to maintain the lifestyle to stay healthy and balanced.

Indonesia is a developing country, which makes the whole layers of society are trying to become better in every way. These efforts make the community busy and forget to exercise and maintain a healthy diet. Narrow time also contribute to a less healthy lifestyle.

5 tips for a healthy lifestyle:
1. Eat healthy.
2. Think healthy.
3. Rest healthy.
4. Healthy activity.
5. A healthy environment

Healthy lifestyle and fit can be started with intake of drinking water quality. Because we often do not realize the body is dehydrated. Men and women are different levels of dehydration light. Dehydration can affect three things in the body; aspects of cognition (thinking), physical aspect, and mood. Drinking habits are very common oblivion. In fact, it is important, because most of our body fluids. Including the brain that need fluid to proceed.

In order to function right and good for the body, the selection of quality drinking water is required to drink 2 liters of water per day is a good thing. . Make it a habit. Do this for 6-8 weeks strict, over time will occur automatically.