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May 10, 2008

My AdSense Applicatian...Aprooved!

Finally, after to waiting a long time (about three weeks), my AdSense Application to aprooved with The Google AdSense Team. I am glad to see their email to me. Thank you very much, Google!

In fact, I felt very down when they (AdSense Google Team) email to me for the second for to denied my aplication because the languange problem in my site. But I dont want to give up! I resend again my application with more improve. And know, I'm very happy :-) when I read a new email in my inbox from The Google AdSense Team.

This is a email from them:

Your Google AdSense application has been approved. You'll soon begin to
see relevant Google ads appear on .

Keep in mind, however, that if Google has not yet crawled your site, you
may not notice relevant ads for up to 48 hours.

To track the performance of your new Google ads, log into your AdSense
account at any time. You can do so by visiting and signing in using the 'Existing
Customer Login' box at the top right.

If you're having problems logging in or have forgotten your password,
don't worry. Simply visit
for assistance.

Once you're signed in, head to your Reports tab for earnings information.
For a quick overview of your earnings reports and the 5 steps to getting
paid, view our Payments Guide: .

You may also be able to view reports on the partner site through which you
registered. Please visit or consult the partner's website to determine
whether this is the case.



1. How do I add Google ads to my other blogs/websites? Do I need to

No, there's no need to re-apply. You are welcome to add AdSense to any of
your websites that comply with our program policies
( Simply sign in as an
existing AdSense customer on the partner site. If you're using Blogger and
would like a detailed video walkthrough on how to implement AdSense,
please view our Activation Demo, located at .

2. Can I test my ads? Why do I see clicks with no earnings in my reports?

If you see clicks with no associated earnings in your AdSense for content
reports, it may be that you've received some invalid clicks or impressions
during this date range.

As you know, clicking on your own ads is against the AdSense program
policies ( Instead, try
the AdSense preview tool, which allows you to check the destination of ads
on your page without the risk of invalid clicks. For additional
information, or to download the AdSense preview tool, please visit .

To help ensure that your account remains in good standing, we'd also
encourage you to review the important AdSense guidelines found here:

3. I'm not located in the U.S., but I'm using a U.S. web hosting service
(e.g. Blogger). Is that considered U.S. Activities?

In general, using a third-party U.S. web hosting service to host your
webpages is NOT considered U.S. Activities. The tax information collection
interface available from your account's 'Tax information' page will help
to direct you to the appropriate tax forms for your situation. For
example, if you are a foreign publisher with no U.S. Activities, you'll
need to agree to a statement to that effect within your account. No tax
forms are required in this instance.


Have more questions? Find answers in the following resources:

- The AdSense Help Center, containing demos, guides, and answers to common
questions: .

- The AdSense Help Forum, an online community of publishers: .

- The AdSense Blog, with all the latest news and tips about AdSense: .

If you can't find the information you're looking for, you're welcome to
contact us at at
any time.

Welcome to Google AdSense. We look forward to helping you unleash the full
potential of your website.


The Google AdSense Team

One's agains THANK YOU VERY MUCH, Google !!! :-z

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