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May 7, 2008

The Junk Friend...!

Recent time...I feel have a strange something, like a easy get angry to arround of people of mine :-# Maybe I tired...I dont know it that surely!

Yesterday, I met my friend at my job's place. When I saw him in front of the office door...oh, my god, suddenly i felt very hite him. I got very dislke him. :-@
I have ever angry with him....about three month's ago. Because, his mouth very suffered my heart. I think he was not a perfect man, he like me...a employee! He was a big mouth! But his style like a big boss, he always pretend can take a make a way out of every problem in the office...!
And...he have a junk body's odor....hiks...I must to close my nose if he pass away in front of me...
Oooooh...The junk friend! :-v

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