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Nov 8, 2009


Maybe a lot of friends matre bloggers who already know a lot about selling links on our blog. Many sites as a provider of bloggers as a broker between entrepreneurs publisher with the advertiser, and sometimes there is also a rich bloggers who so advertise.

Well, I have experience with a broker who thought most of his banner ads appear on the blog my friends all... TLA (Text Link Ads)

Broker links this one the most advertiser and I try to follow-up join as their publisher. Wih, also new to the old job or a blog where we can sell to sell the advertiser links.

Not quite ..? Just put text links on the homepage alone, we have some money. Just unfortunately, despite my blog's page rank value was already 2, but they paid little taste... he ... he ... he .. if you want Linkworth compared with a much more wasteful with their publisher. Let the critical behavior when used... our blog PR is higher, we can set higher prices again.

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